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This enables businesses to begin providing brokerage services without requiring considerable capital investment or technological skills. It allows them to focus on growing their business while leaving the technical aspects of the platform to the third-party brokerage firm. The MetaTrader 4 solution is the most in-demand platform, leveraged by more than 30% of brokers and by more than 50% of traders globally. A wide range of trading instruments, chart modes, additional elements empowers traders to make profound market analysis. According to analysts, this solution is equally useful for newcomers and professional traders. With over 30 years experience, our expert team can help you launch your corporate branded platform and make it a success.

The white branding program enables brokers and professional advisors to market their businesses and establish a strong brand identity using the IBKR platform. Before diving into the details of the best White Label brokerage companies, it’s important first to define White Label brokerage. White Label brokerage is a business model in which a company uses the services of a third-party brokerage firm to provide trading and investing services to their clients while maintaining their branding.

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However, the initial TWS white branding can take up to 48 hours to take effect. ETNA Trader is an all-in-one solution for brokerages focused on self-directed investors fx white label solution and commission-free trading. Conveniently packaged as platform-as-a-service ETNA Trader removes the burden of maintaining costly IT teams and infrastructure.

We recommend this approach to any fintech player that seeks to partner with banks and other FIs, especially in cases where their payment processing and other offerings plug into data systems and handle sensitive information. Virtual games are so engaging they are one of the best, low-cost customer acquisition tools available. Gain key insights about your target audience with a dedicated registration form. Capture demographic and psychographic data, and seamlessly communicate with your participants as they use the platform. Giving you the flexibility and control to create meaningful brand experiences for your audience.

Is the White Label Platform Free (yes for qualifying IBs)?

Over the years we have helped universities, banks, brokerages, stock exchanges, financial advisers, newspapers, educational non-profits, and other financial service firms launch a successful platform. With the ability to customize the content to match your needs and time frame, the options are unlimited. MT5 starts at $75,000 for 1,000 users and runs up to $300,000 for 200,000 trader accounts.

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Be sure to do thorough research and find a WL provider with a platform that will be suitable for your traders’ needs. Among the advantages that Sirix has to offer both brokers and traders, an additional element that the Sirix trader brings to brokers is the option for brokers to add their own logo and design scheme for a consistent brand identity. The future of trading has evolved and continues to grow and reach new levels, and brokers look for the revolutionists. This image developing or branding begins with the creation of your logos and graphic files required for submission to MetaQuotes for the customization of your trading platform. These images must not only be in a specific graphical format, but they will also be in the face of all your clients, as they trade off your platform on a daily basis.

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Another reason why forex businesses are still leaning heavily towards MT4 white label solutions. By choosing a platform that offers these features, you can provide your clients with a top-notch trading experience that meets their needs and helps you build a successful brokerage business. Regulated UK White Label provider offering multi-asset liquidity and advanced trading technology to financial institutions and retail brokerage firms worldwide. ETNA’s white label trading platform features Web Trader and Mobile Trading Applications, Middle and Back Office and Trading APIs. Turn-key stock trading technology is seamlessly  integrated via API with execution venues, clearing and market data providers of choice. Depending on your unique needs as a marketing product or service provider, you may require certain platform components or offerings more than others, and there is a market full of solutions available for you.

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In addition to WL trading platforms, liquidity, turnkey broker solutions, and other advanced possibilities, B2Broker also provides a variety of additional services to newbies in the financial industry. The fact that a business has 450 institutional customers and 18 cutting-edge products demonstrates that it is on the right track. There are many ways to initiate customer interest and generate leads for your forex brokerage. Some of these ways include affiliation, affiliate networks, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Leverate’s Sirix Venture brokerage solution will help your brokerage generate leads at your capacity. Saxo Bank offers a range of services for white labeling, including client management, execution and trading, post-trade services, and a scalable platform for financial institutions.


Below, we’ve listed the 7 marketing automation-driven functionalities that you need in a white-label platform. White-label enterprise platforms require a degree of tailored deployment to meet the distinct needs of each partner. It appears MetaQuotes, as a way of encouraging the adoption of MT5 from new brokers, has not made MT5 more expensive than its predecessor. For each White Label, Metaquotes charges an upfront, flat fee of $5,000 and an additional monthly support fee of $1,750 a month (mobile and desktop version included in the fee). Perpetual futures contracts, which allow greater lending and risk management, are not typically available to digital asset exchanges.