CocoShoes Tells You The Most Detailed Sneaker Maintenance Strategy And Teaches You How To Wear New Shoes Every Day.

CocoShoes tells you the most detailed sneaker maintenance strategy and teaches you how to wear new shoes every day!

There have been several issues about sneakers. I believe many of my friends are very curious about how to maintain sneakers. Otherwise, creases will be easily pierced. So this blog is how to maintain our golden sneakers.

Shoe cleaning

You can choose the corresponding suit for cleaning according to the different materials of the sneakers.

For example, AJ1 can soak a towel in clean water and gently wipe the body of the shoe to prevent accelerated oxidation of dust and dirt.

Keep the shoe shape

After the sneakers have been cleaned up, insert fillers, shoe supports or dry paper balls into the shoes. The main purpose is to maintain the original shape of the shoes, thereby preventing deformation.


Some shoe linings should not be wetted, but after a long period of time, moisture will definitely be generated in the shoes. Putting a desiccant in the shoe box can not only improve the moisture resistance, but also keep the sneakers dry.

If conditions permit, the sneakers can be vacuum packed, but you need to pay attention to putting the filler in the shoe body in advance before operation. Buy some plastic bags or heat-sealing film to seal the shoes.

Placement and storage

Store in a shoe cabinet or in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing in a sun-exposed or dark and humid place. If you need it, you can directly use the original shoe box for packaging and free moisture-proof paper will be provided in the original shoe box, and the size is just right. So it is a good storage space for shoes. There are also some special storage shoe boxes on the market. You can search and buy by yourself.

Wear shoes well

How many pairs of shoes can be worn, of course, friends who have the conditions can buy more pairs of shoes, one pair of shoes for half a year and five pairs of shoes for half a year are quite different from the old ones!

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